Aeon MQ5

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Why is this not in the skins get list on Kodi 14.1 Helix?

Did you find out any information on your question because I am having the same problem

merci beaucoup


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Como instalar esse tema no Raspberry PI 2?


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Can't find it! The instructions on how to add addon are wrong for my KODI 14.2

Aeon MQ5 is not in my Helix 14.1 update and when I was able to find it I tried to upload the extra pack and it failed every time. And also when I went in to try and rename a category or put my location in for weather the keyboard did not have any letters on them so I could not type anything, is this a common problem and what would I need to do to get Aeon MQ5 on my skin working at 100%?